Spanish Grand Prix
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USA Pre-Race Analysis

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Diverse grid could lead to an interesting race

There are few promising bets this year. Vettel is almost certain to win and has correspondingly low odds. Vettel and Webber will almost certain finish on the podium and so also have correspondingly low odds. The final podium position is a fight between Grosjean and Hamilton and both drivers have a particular advantage. The Lotus prefers warm weather and so should do well in Texas. However, the tire degradation is very slight and most teams will be one stopping. Consequently, the weak tire degradation of the Mercedes should not be such an issue. Hamilton should be more competitive than usual and odds of 2/1 (3.00) from SkyBet are reasonable but hardly exceptional.

Perez has reasonable odds for a top 6 finish at 209/100 (3.09) from Betfair. The only quicker car immediately behind him is Kovalainen in the Lotus who might not be fully competitive due to lack of recent experience. With Perez starting in 7th he only has to hold of Kovalainen and either pass Hulkenburg or have a leading car mechanically fail for the bet to come off. Once again, reasonable but not exceptional odds.

Since there are so few promising bets currently it might be worth considering live betting. In qualifying various drivers had difficult switching on their tires. If this also happens in the race then some unexpected results may occurs and money could be made from live betting.

Odds above accurate at Sunday 17th, 16.22 GMT. Click to see live odds.

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