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F1 Grand Prix Races

Saturday, 5 October 2013, by

Korea Pre-Race Analysis

Rain could result in a chaotic race

As usual Vettel is favoured for victory but he faces a greater challenge than usual. His pole time was only two tenths quicker than Hamilton whilst both Vettel and Hamilton looked about equal in free practise. Whilst Vettel should be favourite in a straight race, his odds of 11/25 (1.44) from SkyBet are far too low. Crucially, rain is currently predicted. Whilst typhoon conditions are now unlikely, some rain should still occur during the race. Given the unpredictability this will bring Vettel should definitely be avoided. Hamilton's odds of 4/1 (5.00) from Bet 365 are much better. He has a chance in a dry race but largely you are hoping Hamilton can take advantage of the changing conditions. The odds are good even though you are gambling upon the random factor of weather though live betting is an alternative if you get up early enough. Greater winnings could be had by counting on a chaotic race and going for Alonso, Rosberg or Grosjean for victory though all three would be true gamble. Of those three, Grosjean has the highest odds at 31/1 (32.00) from Betfair whilst he starts in 3rd and the Lotus usually does well at warmer circuits – he might be worth putting a couple of pounds on.

Grosjean's odds for a top six finish of 1/2 (1.50) from Bet 365 are reasonable. Starting 3rd, the only drivers likely to have any chance of passing him are Rosberg, Alonso, Raikkonen and Webber. Grosjean would have to have a very weak race to be passed by Webber who starts in 13th so a top 6 finish is likely.

Odds above accurate at Sunday 6th, 00.11 GMT. Click to see live odds.

Sunday, 22 September 2013, by

Singapore Pre-race analysis

Everything favours Vettel

Vettel dominated most of practice and qualifying, on a circuit he has won previously twice. Also, three of the last five victories at Singapore have come from pole position. It also has the shortest run to the first corner and Rosberg is not exceptional at starting races. In any straight fight, Vettel shall win. Betting on anyone else for victory is gambling on mechanical failure of Vettel's car or being caught out by a safety car. Unfortunately, Rosberg's odds of 7/1 (8.00) from SkyBet are too small for this to be a reasonable gamble.

Grosjean's odds of 81/50 (2.62) for a podium finish from Paddy Power are very good value. The Lotus typically does better in the race than qualifying and usually does better on warmer circuits. Starting in 3rd position on a track difficult to pass on, Grosjean looks in a very good position for a podium finish.

Gutierrez has 187/100 (2.87) from Bet 365 for a top 10 finish. Starting in 10th, the only car that should definitely get past him in Raikkonen. If a single car ahead crashes or has a mechanical failure then Guiterrez would be in a reasonable chance for a points finish, making those odds good value.

Odds above accurate at 22nd September, 12.25 GMT. Click to see live odds.

Sunday, 8 September 2013, by

Italy Pre-Race Analysis

Vettel set for an easy win

Vettel is the clear favorite starting from the front. He dominated practice and qualifying whilst many competitors struggled; the nearest Mercedes or Lotus is five places behind. His main challengers are Ferrari and Webber. Except for mechanical error is it difficult to imagine Webber beating him. Meanwhile, eight of the victories in the last decade at Monza have come from pole position so Alonso would struggle to win from 5th. Vettel's odds of ½ (1.50) from SkyBet are good value for him to win, mainly gambing against the possibility of an engine failure. A small backup bet on Webber to win at 19/2 (10.50) from Betfair might be worthwhile given the high strain Monza puts on the engines and that Vettel's Red Bull seems prone to mechanical errors.

Massa's odds of 4/1 (5.00) for a podium from Bet 365 seem reasonable. Hulkenberg should provide no challenge whilst Alonso will presumably pass Massa, leaving Massa in 4th. Since both Mercedes and Lotus are struggling, Massa is unlikely to fall further back. If Webber makes a bad start or either Red Bull suffers from a mechanical failure then Massa would finish top 3.

Odds above accurate at Sunday 08th, 11.52 GMT. Click to see live odds.

Sunday, 25 August 2013, by

Belgium Pre-Race Analysis

Rain likely throughout race

Vettel is the current favourite at 8/5 (2.60) from Paddy Power. Hamilton, by contrast, seems better value at 9/4 (3.25) from SkyBet. The pace of the Red Bull and the Mercedes seems about equal, however, Hamilton starts in front and the Mercedes has won three of the last five races whereas Vettel has only won two of the last five. Given his higher odds there seems little reason not to favour Hamilton.

However, with rain expected thoughout the race according to the BBC, there is little chance of this being a simple fight between Hamilton and Vettel. Raikkonen and Alonso both have odds of 12/1 (13.00) from Paddy Power starting from 8th and 9th respectively. Predicting how they could win is almost impossible given the uncertainty of the wet race. Watching them for live betting is recommended instead. Button for a podium position would also be worth watching for live betting.

Odds above accurate at Sunday 25th, 10.30 GMT. Click to see live odds.

Saturday, 27 July 2013, by

Hungary Pre-Race Analysis

Lotus look set to challenge for victory

Hamilton starts on pole but can be discounted for victory as his tires will not survive long in the heat of Hungary. Vettel's 2nd has given him extremely low odds for victory at 73/100 (1.73) from SkyBet, which are lower than many times he has started on pole. Whilst looking strong he is unlikely to simply sail away into the distance like he often does. Last year Lotus were extremely quick, finishing 2nd and 3rd whilst pressing Hamilton for victory throughout the race. In Germany they also showed how quick they were in the heat. This year Vettel should have things even worse. The Lotus is even better at tire management than last year, Grosjean starts 3rd compared with 5th in Germany, it should be even warmer than Germany and Grosjean was much closer in qualifying than he was in Germany. Grosjean's odds of 6/1 (7.00) from SkyBet are good value. Raikkonen's odds are similar at 13/2 (7.50) from Paddy Power, despite starting further down. Assuming the Mercedes drop behind then this puts him into 4th, a position from which good tire management could give him victory. Whilst Grosjean has looked stronger than Raikkonen all weekend, given the danger that Grosjean might be forced to move aside to give Raikkonen the victory, betting on both is recommended.

Massa has odds of 11/10 (2.10) from SkyBet for a top six finish which is good value. Starting in 7th in a car good in heat, he has Rosberg and Hamilton in front who should drop quite a few positions, meanwhile in 8th is Riccardo who is unlikely to provide a challenge. Given the difficulties in passing at Hungary Webber and the McLarens are unlikely to pass easily even if they can hold onto to race pace of a Ferrari in hot weather.

Odds above accurate at Sunday 28th, 00.46 GMT. Click to see live odds.

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