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Constructor's Championship - Best Odds

With the Red Bulls back on the pace and a 77 point lead over McLaren with only 172 points left to grab, only multiple retirements by the Red Bulls could give McLaren a chance. Betting elsewhere is heavily advised.

As the season draws to a close Red Bull find themselves in the paradoxical situation of looking likely to win the driver’s championship after such a long wait this season whilst they are finally facing a strong challenge in the constructors. Their main rivals throughout the season are McLaren but Button had a dreadful run between Bahrain and Silverstone whilst Hamilton was rarely fully on the pace during that period, leaving Red Bull the clear favourites. However, since Germany McLaren have arguably been the fastest car with both Button and Hamilton scoring race wins. Also, Webber has had a run of terrible luck plus a couple of poor performances since since Silverstone.

Going into Korea McLaren are 43 points behind Red Bull. They would have to score an average of 9 points more than Red Bull between both drivers each race to take the constructors championship. If the McLaren is quicker than the Red Bull currently then this is not impossible. Except for Hamilton’s mechanical failure in Singapore, McLaren would have won four of the last five races and if they could do the same in the remaining five races they would take the constructor’s championship. Although Vettel had a very strong result at Japan this might not be reflective of the future races since Hamilton was hampered by a poor mechanical setup the entire weekend. However, it is worth noting that Vettel was extremely dominant in the remaining circuits in 2010 and 2011. Although Red Bull are rightly the firm favourites, odds of 1/4 (1.25) from Blue Square pay off far too low to be worth a bet. McLaren’s odds of 7/2 (4.50) from Bet 365 are considerably better value although placing a large bet down is not advised given that Red Bull are still the most likely to win.

Odds above accurate at October 11th, 15:28 GMT. Click to see live odds.

This late in the season the constructors championship is probably not worth betting on. Red Bull have a 54 point advantage after Hungary and no other team is likely to catch up. It is not far from the realms of possibility, that if Lotus or McLaren could score an average of 7 points higher than Red Bull every remaining race they would take the trophy. However, Red Bull would either have to drop the pace they've had for the last two and a half year or suffer from a series of accidents or mechanical errors. Whilst Red Bull look extremely good there's always a risk when you put money down for such little reward so this bet cannot be advised either.

Constructors' Championship