Podium Finish
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Podium Finish - Update after German GP 2012

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Podiums are much easier to pick than a race but the low odds reflect this, making this a difficult bet to make money on. It can be a good best if two cars both look equally good for victory, more money might be made an betting on both for a podium than both for race winner. However, with Lotus challenging for podiums regularly there are currently seven cars who realistically can regularly reach the podium, meaning only bet on odds above 2.50 for these drivers. This makes podiums impossible for low risk, low pay off betting.

Podiums can sometimes be good for drivers who statically does well but have struggled in recent races so are being undervalued. Going from a bad phase to race winner is sometimes ambitious so betting on an undervalued podium finish is wiser.

Try and focus on teams who probably will not win but can realistically finish well. Until halfway through 2012 Lotus were especially good bets for podiums, finishing top 3 far higher than their odds would have indicated. However, they now look like regular challengers for victory so their odds for a podium are fairly low. Mercedes are worth watching. They have only taken three podiums this year but probably deserved another at Monoco whilst Schumacher has qualified top 3 or top 4 five times only to retire from bad luck. However, the team usually does better in qualifying than the race so only bet on a podium if they qualify top 3 and back it up with a top 6 bet in case they lose positions during the race. Perez is the main driver to watch for high odds podium bets, having three times made the podium this season and could have in Germany except for a grid penalty and mechanical issues in the race. With odds usually above 15.00 for a podium much money can be made through his skill at preserving the tires.

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Podium Finish