Podium Finish
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Podium Finish - Update after Korean GP 2012

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Podiums are much easier to pick than a race but the low odds reflect this, making this a difficult bet to make money on. It can be a good best if two cars both look equally good for victory, more money might be made an betting on both for a podium than both for race winner. With only three space on the podium look elsewhere for low odds low payoff betting.

Podiums can sometimes be good for drivers who statically does well but have struggled in recent races so are being undervalued. Going from a bad phase to race winner is sometimes ambitious so betting on an undervalued podium finish is wiser.

Try and focus on teams who probably will not win but can realistically finish well. Until halfway through 2012 Lotus were especially good bets for podiums, finishing top 3 far higher than their odds would have indicated. However, they now look to have dropped off the pace. Likewise, at the start of the season Mercedes looked promising but have dropped off. The main drivers to watch are Webber, Alonso, Hamilton and Perez. Currently, everyone expects Vettel to do well so currently has relatively low odds. Webber is generally undervalued and with the Red Bull looking so strong he is currently worth betting on. With the Red Bulls looking untouchable the final step on the podium is probably a fight between Alonso and Hamilton. Alonso has made the podium in over half the races this year so is often worth betting on if running well. Hamilton only has six podiums this year so is worth a reserve bet but focus on Alonso. Finally, Perez's pace has yielded him three podiums this, often from very low down positions. The Sauber is quite temperamental, suiting some tracks very well and other struggling for top 10 so Perez is best bet on during live betting.

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Podium Finish