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Season analysis after Korea

Schumacher has looked very promising at many times this season but his Mercedes looks far behind its immediate compeitors currently. During the first half the season Schumacher managed qualified top 4 on six occasions this year. His many retirements meant is could not capitalise on this success. From the second half of the season onwards his Mercedes became far less prone to retirements but also seems to have lost a lot of pace. He is currently struggling to qualify higher than top 10 and despite this generally the Mercedes does not have great race pace. Race wins are definitely out and podiums are almost as unlikely. Both he and Rosberg are struggling for top 6 finishes so focus on top 10 finishes. However, Schumacher rarely has low enough odds for top betting and also his semi-regular retirements means that Schumacher is not good for low odds low pay out betting. On this basis Schumacher is rarely worth betting on. The main exceptions are highspeed and low tempreture courses which suits the Mercedes well. Also, he has managed some very high qualifying positions during wet qualifying, doing far higher than his team mate during the rain.

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Season analysis after Hungary

Schumacher's terrible luck makes his potential difficult to assess. Six retirements in eleven races and incidents in most races he finished means there much less data on Schumacher than most drivers. Aside from the bad luck, Schumacher has sometimes looked impressive. Five times this season he has qualified top four, meaning he has high potential for a podium. He'd have probably won Monoco except for the penalty and mechanical issues. Rosberg has show the Mercades is a race winner car, so a victory for Schumacher this season is certainly possible. However, the Mercedes seems extremely temperamental, going from complete dominance in China to extremely weak in Hungary. Generally, the Mercedes suits high speed courses with low temperatures.

High odds on a high speed course might be worth a risky bet on victory but podiums or top six might better pay off. More finishes may reveal real potential in Schumacher this season. If so, retirements this year, in 2011 and in 2010 will probably ensure he keeps his high odds, making him excellent value for money. For now, however, more money can be made from qualifying than the race. He has qualified top 3 three times this year plus would have been on pole for Monoco except for the penalty. He seems especially good at qualifying in the rain. Betting on Schumacher qualifying top three on a high speed course with low temperatures or during the rain is advised.

This update is out of date, see update from Korea above for current update.

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