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Season analysis after Korea

Rosberg had an excellent start to the season with his win, a podium at Monoco and plenty of top 6 finishes. However, the Mercedes simply has not kept pace in the development race and usually is at best likely to finish top 10. Victories and pole positions are definitely and a podium would only be a worthwhile bet if he qualifies well. He usually has quite high odds for top 6 positions but with only one top 6 finish in 8 races this is not a worthwhile bet. Top 10 is the best bet for Rosberg but generally only with odds of (2.00) or higher which is a rare figure someone driving a Mercedes. Lower odds or top 6 bets are only worthwhile on high speed and low tempresture, since these conditions suit the Mercedes.

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Season analysis after Hungary

With a victory, a pole position and 2nd position, this season is looking good for Rosberg. However, analysing his race winning potential is difficult because the Mercedes is extremely temperamental, suiting high speed low tempreture courses like China. Highs odds on courses suiting his high speed Mercedes is a possible risky bet but probably only worthwhile if he qualifies very high. Podiums are possible but Rosberg face substantial competition from teams like Sauber and Lotus for surprise podium positions.

Rosberg is probably a better bet for his consistency. After two initial difficult races, Rosberg has scored in eight of the last nine races, five of which were top six finishes. Given the temperamental nature of the Mercedes, Rosberg usually has fairly low odds so betting on top 6 for points finishes are highly recommended for high speed low temperature tracks.

This update is out of date, see update from Korea above for current update.

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