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Season analysis after Korea

Webber is usually one of the best value for money drivers. He is generally considered substantially weaker than Vettel but even were this true the fact is that Webber is driving a Red Bull. Reguardless of how many more victories Vettel may have, Webber has a car that can easily reach top 6 if not the podium whilst he is only behind Alonso and Raikkonen for consistency.

Webber has never won from lower than 2nd on the grid so only bet on victory when on he is starting on the front row. Also, Webber has never won a race providing Vettel starts either 1st or 2nd. However, Webber is almost always an excellent bet for victory whenever he qualifies well but Vettel does not make the front row. Vettel has never won from below 3rd and only take victory from 3rd twice yet often Vettel can have lower odds for victory when he qualifies a few places lower than Webber, making Webber excellent value for money in this situation.

With a combination of high consistency and a strong car Webber is an excellent for long term low profit bets. He rarely fails to finish top 6 and has finished top 10 in nearly every race since 2010. Lotus have made top 6 finishes slightly more difficult this year but with the Red Bull currently looking so strong this is a good long term bet. A more risky bet is a podium. Having finished 4th so many times this year Webber has missed out on quite a few podiums this year. A podium is certainly a worth while bet when running well in free practice but focusing on top 6 finishes is usually wiser unless the Red Bull specifically suits the course.

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Season analysis after Hungary

Webber is currently the most underrated driver. For example, Webber had far worse odds starting from 2nd at Silverstone compared to Vettel starting two places down. Webber convincingly won that race. After Silverstone, Webber has more wins and more points than any driver but Alonso or Hamilton. Despite this, Webber usually has far higher odds than Vettel, Alonso or Hamilton, making Webber better value for money.

Webber is usually a good value bet for victory but only if he qualifies well, having never won from lower than 2nd on the grid. Webber's greatest strength is probably his consistency, having scored points in all but two races since 2011 and finished top 6 in all but five. He is usually regularly on the podium although this season he keeps missing out with many 4th place finishes. Webber makes poll more regularly than all drivers except Vettel, though his qualifying performance in 2012 is weaker than previous years.

The world championship is too close to call currently. Webber, Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso are all equally strong contenders. However, Webber is usually given the highest odds despite being 2nd in the championship. Equally credible as Vettel or Hamilton to win the championship yet with lowest odds, Webber is the best bet for the drivers championship.

This update is out of date, see update from Korea above for current update.

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