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Season analysis after Korea

After a weak season in 2011 and what was initially his worst ever season in 2012, Massa has finally come alive in the last four races. He took his first podium in Japan in almost two years whilst having to hand Alonso the podium in Italy and was disallowed challenging Alonso for the podium in Korea. Had he managed to take three podiums in the last four races he would be as competitive as anyone else in the field. With the Red Bulls so dominant neither Ferrari is likely to win again this season whilst, as Ferrari’s number two driver Massa will likely have to hand over further podium positions to Alonso. This make top 6 finishes the best bet for Massa given that he current looks like he has the pace and the Ferrari’s is perhaps the most mechanically reliable car currently.

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Season analysis after Hungary

Massa has had no podiums, no poll positions and no wins across 2012 and 2011. These are all very high risk bets but Massa rarely has odds as high any anyone else not driving a Ferrari. Someone looking for a high pay off risky bet on a podium should focus upon Sauber or Williams whilst someone looking for a safer bet on a top 6 finish should go with Lotus or Mercedes. Massa is amongst the worst driver to bet upon currently.

His 4th position at Silverstone is his best result since 2010 so Massa is worth watching for future improvements.

This update is out of date, see update from Korea above for current update.

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