About Us

Q? What type of odds do you use?

A. The odds are displayed in fractional and then in decimal in brackets. See Odds Converter for a full explanation.

Q? Why do you only go back to 2010 on the tables?

A. Highly debatable but 2010 is arguably when modern F1 took its current form. Red Bull went from being a good car to the best, Alonso joined Ferrari, Button joined McLaren, Rosberg and Schumacher joined Mercedes, Massa lost his form, Toyota left, new teams joined. 2011 could have been picked due to the regulation changes or 2009 because Red Bull first became a factor. 2010 seemed most relevant to the current F1 environment and for judging future performance based on past performance.

Q? Are lower or higher odds preferable?

A. The higher the odds the greater the pay off. Any driver described as having too low odds is one to avoid whilst any driver with high odds but a reasonable possibility of success is usually worth a bet. See Odds Converter for a full explanation.

Q? What is this site about?

A. F1Betting.co.uk is here to help you bet on the Formula 1 World Championship. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, we've got the information you need to work out your next bet.

Q? Who writes the analysis?

A. This site is written by professional F1 enthusiasts who actively bet on F1 (and turn a profit!) and operated by Bonus Media Ltd.

Q? Why don't you have specific F1 Betting Tips?

A. We provide expert analysis and opinion along with recommendations about the best value to take, so that you can make an informed decision for yourself, not blindly follow a tipster because they are doing well this season. Past results are not a good indicator of future results and the tipping industry is full of highly questionable operators, we advise people to think for themselves!