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Double DRS Banned For 2013

Button The 'double DRS' will be banned next season, reports One Stop Strategy. Currently only on the Mercedes, the system takes air passing over the rear of the car and channels it to the front of the car. The air pushes the front wing down, increasing down force and boosting performance (see for diagram).

I think the FIA are mistaken to ban this system. It currently gives Mercedes a much needed boost. Experimenting with systems like this can substantially increase the pace of a weaker team, making for more interesting races. The FIA banning innovative systems after one season discourages weaker teams from trying unknown techniques to gain an edge.

Despite this ban McLaren are considering bringing double DRS to their cars for the latter part of 2012, reports Sky Sports. Also, Lotus have been experimenting with the system and plan to introduce it at Belgium, reports Planet F1.

Image © flamesworddragon