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Volkswagen Considering Joining F1, Mercedes Considering Leaving F1

Two major car manufacturers are contemplating their future in F1.

Volkswagen are considering joining F1 in 2015 reports Total F1. They would form a partnership with Sauber. It is unclear if the Sauber name would remain, with the team possibly known as Volkswagen or Volkswagen Sauber. With a couple of podiums this year and clearly being a fast car, Sauber are team with good potential and would be a good investment. Volkswagen have denied the rumours reports One Stop Strategy but with the Sauber team boss recently meeting Volkswagen's chairmen it looks likely that the plan is being considered.

Mercedes are contemplating leaving F1 reports Planet F1. Brawn GP had just won the championship when Mercedes got involved so the car company expected the success to continue. With only a single race win since, the team has been less successful than desired and the car company may no longer wish to foot the bill. If the plan goes ahead the team would continue to be run by Ross Brawn and Mercedes will continue to supply engines to F1.

Image © taka_suzuki