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Esteban Gutierrez to join Sauber

Esteban Gutierrez has been confirmed to race with Sauber for 2013 reports ESPN . Also, Pic has now moved to Caterham in a suprise move reports Autosport.

The current driver line up is now:

Red Bull: Vettel and Webber.

McLaren: Button and Perez.

Ferrari: Alonso and Massa.

Lotus: Raikkonen and undecided.

Mercedes: Hamilton and Rosberg.

Sauber: Hulkenberg and Gutierrez.

Force India: Undecided.

Williams: Undecided.

Caterham: Pic and undecided.

Marussia: Undecided.

So far Gutierrez is the only new driver but with eight seats unannounced there is a possibility that other new faces will take the grid in Australia. Max Chilton is currently speculated to take a race seat, having come third in GP2. Also, reserve driver for Williams is heavily tipped to replace Bruno Senna.

These changes so far are substantially larger than than the changes in 2011 and comparable to 2012 when Raikkonen and Grosjean joined Lotus. The major change is Hamilton moving to Mercedes and Perez to McLaren. Hamilton is usually the third factor for race wins after Vettel and Alonso but is unlikely to challenge regularly in the Mercedes. This may make race victories for Red Bull, Ferrari and perhaps Lotus more likely. However, Hamilton may prove an excellent outsider bet, as might Perez after his disappointing ends of his 2012 season. This is a good time to think about betting strategies for 2013, to consider who will be better than the bookies value them and find the best odds for them. Look out for the best Free Bets Online. There are many diverse types of offers available. Generally, which to go for depends on how much you are intending to bet. Some deals are better if you intend to bet large amounts regularly whereas other deals are better if you take more of a casual approach. Finding the best Sports Betting Offers is the easiest way to make money at online betting and make a profit in 2013.

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