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Two major car manufacturers are contemplating their future in F1.

Volkswagen are considering joining F1 in 2015 reports Total F1. They would form a partnership with Sauber. It is unclear if the Sauber name would remain, with the team possibly known as Volkswagen or Volkswagen Sauber. With a couple of podiums this year and clearly being a fast car, Sauber are team with good potential and would be a good investment. Volkswagen have denied the rumours reports One Stop Strategy but with the Sauber team boss recently meeting Volkswagen's chairmen it looks likely that the plan is being considered.

Mercedes are contemplating leaving F1 reports Planet F1. Brawn GP had just won the championship when Mercedes got involved so the car company expected the success to continue. With only a single race win since, the team has been less successful than desired and the car company may no longer wish to foot the bill. If the plan goes ahead the team would continue to be run by Ross Brawn and Mercedes will continue to supply engines to F1.

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Button The 'double DRS' will be banned next season, reports One Stop Strategy. Currently only on the Mercedes, the system takes air passing over the rear of the car and channels it to the front of the car. The air pushes the front wing down, increasing down force and boosting performance (see for diagram).

I think the FIA are mistaken to ban this system. It currently gives Mercedes a much needed boost. Experimenting with systems like this can substantially increase the pace of a weaker team, making for more interesting races. The FIA banning innovative systems after one season discourages weaker teams from trying unknown techniques to gain an edge.

Despite this ban McLaren are considering bringing double DRS to their cars for the latter part of 2012, reports Sky Sports. Also, Lotus have been experimenting with the system and plan to introduce it at Belgium, reports Planet F1.

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The 10th Race of 2012, German Grand Prix at Hockenheim

Previous Winners

The German GP alternates each year between Hockenheim and Nurbergring. F1 last visited Hockenheim back in 2010, so there is much less data about past performances than usual. The 2010 race was dominated by Ferrari with Vettel 3rd and the McLarens after him. Alonso and Hamilton have won twice here but no other current driver than Schumucher has been victorious here.

Hockenheim is a high speed course so expect the Mercedes to be strong and Red Bull to be less competitive than usual. The sweeping section of track between turn three and turn four is especially hard upon tires, working to the advantage of Button and Perez who usually get more life out their tires than most drivers. This is the first race at Hockenheim since Pirelli became the tire manufacturer. The tire degradation might mean drivers will spend more time on the harder tire, to the disadvantage of Ferrari who cannot get the hard tire to work well.

Seven of the last eight races have been won from the front row of the grid. Whilst the tire situation might change this it probably is not worth gambling upon. Restricting bets on race winner to the drivers on pole and P2 is recommended. Wait until qualifying has taken place before making bets on victory unless you are confident about who will take P1 and P2 on the grid.

Hamilton looks best for pole position. Having set the fastest time in qualifying an equal number of times as Vettel this season, both look on equal form. However, the Red Bull is slightly hampered by the high speed nature of Hockemheim whilst Hamilton has a good record here. Hamilton has odds of 5/1 (6.00) from William Hill and Vettel has odds of 2/1 (3.00) from Ladbrokes. With double the odds of Vettel, Hamilton is by far better value for money.

For an outsider bet, Perez for a podium might pay off. Both Perez's podiums came at high speed circuits and Perez's speciality of looking after his tires will give him a major edge is tire degradation becomes an important factor. 32/1 (33.00) from Ladbrokes are excellent odds.

Odds above accurate at Friday 20th, 01.12 GMT. Click to see live odds.

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