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Latest F1 Betting News

Top 10 can be a difficult bet to make money on. Generally the odds for top 10 are less value for money than other bets. Money can be made from low risk low odds betting but long term the risks are high because even the best cars occasionally retire. The two drivers with the best results are 45 points finishes in 49 races for both Webber and Alonso whilst Raikkonen has scored points in all races this year bar one, so even odds of 1.15 are reasonable value for money. Vettel, Hamilton and Button usually face too many reliability issues or driver errors to see a pay off from long term top 10 bets.

There are many better bets for many of drivers further down the field as some either finish far higher than 10th or do not finish at all. Grosjean has finished every race this season in 6th or above or below 10th.. One of Maldonado's two points finishes was also a win whilst two of Perez's were podiums and the other a top 6. Better money can be made on other bets than top 10 for these drivers.

Focus on Senna, Koybashi, Di Resta and Hulkenberg but only if the odds are better than 2.0. Earlier in the season di Resta was best for points finishes but recently Hulkenberg and Senna have been better, with Hulkenberg twice finishing top 10 in the last four races and Senna three times.