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Fastest lap is only worth betting on during live betting. Since the cars do not refuel midrace they speed up as the cars burn up fuel and become lighter. This means that the fastest lap is only likely to occur in the last final five or ten laps. By this point the grid is usually fairly settled and the fastest drivers are in a strong position. They are usually not taking risks rather than pushing the car to the limits. The fastest drivers are not likely to set the fastest lap, meaning fastest lap rarely goes to the fastest car.

The bet is only good for live betting. Opportunities may arise as the race begins to end. Look for competitive drivers who are closing on another car and will catch them before the end of the race. If the driver tries to challenge for position then both drivers will start pushing and the lap times will come down, potentially to fastest lap levels. Beyond situation on the track like this, betting on fastest lap is a true gamble and will be very difficult to see a profit on without substantial luck.