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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Australia Pre-Race Analysis

Qualifying delayed by Melbourne Weather

A disappointing wash-out down-under means we're unlikely to complete qualifying until a few hours before the race. Stay tuned!

After many months of waiting we're still holding out for a good indication of the pace of each team. Betting is more risky than usual. We also need to know how mechanically reliable each car is and how they will handle the tires. Keeping bets low for now is recommended.

Grid position of race winner since 2001
Grid Position
Number of times
The best evidence we have is previous years. Nine of the last ten years have been won by a driver who qualifies top 3. Restricting bets for race winner to the top three qualifiers is recommended, spreading bets across those three.

The most important thing to do is enjoy the race, trying to learn the potential of each team and driver. After a couple of races there should be good data to start making more accurate predictions on.