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Tuesday, 14 August 2012, by

Bottas Looks For Place At Williams

Williams reserve driver Valtteri Bottas hopes for a long career with the team reports Sky Sports. Bottas is backed by the new executive director so a race position next year is likely. As their reserve driver he often takes part in free practise 1 and has beaten Maldonado's time in over half the practice sessions. His time at Hungary was only 1.3 seconds off Hamilton's reports ESPN.

It is unclear who Bottas would replace. Maldonado and Senna have had extremely different seasons but currently are fairly equal on points. Maldonado won Spain but has not scored a single point in the six races since. Maldonado needs to reassess his approach to F1 if he wants a team to adopt him long term but Maldonado thinks his mistakes are normal reports Planet F1. By contrast, Senna has scored points in four more races this season than Maldonado and Frank Williams feels Senna came of age after a good race in Hungary reports Planet F1.

The Williams car is quite capable this year but they have not delivered the results they deserve regularly so bringing in a new driver is a good move. Maldonado should get the second half of 2012 to prove he can race more carefully but otherwise Senna looks like a safer long term driver for the seat. Interestingly, Barrichello - who was dropped by Williams this season - feels that Williams would be better off with himself back in the team reports Motor Sports.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012, by

London GP Still Possible

Bernie Ecclestone has continued to promote his plans for a London GP, reports Sky Sports. The idea was first mooted a few weeks ago and generally met with scepticism.

There are currently two plans for a London GP. Eccelstone is promoting a night time street circuit, passing Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliment, Wellington Memorial and Embankement along the Thames ( see Daily Mail for a large map). An alternative independent bid hopes to race through and around the newly built Olympic stadium. Eccelstone has not endorsed the Olympic stadium bid and prefers his own central London plan, reports ESPN .

In principle the race would be great. Watch a simulated lap on Youtube and watch Hamilton and Button describe a lap on Youtube. Spectators would have an excellent view whilst the race would arguably be the most scenic race in F1 history.

There would be many problems. A section of central London would have to shut down for Friday, Saturday and Sunday plus days for setting up and taking down. The only other street circuit of comparable logistical difficulties is Singapore and London would have to emulate their super efficient ability to install and remove an F1 track quickly. The section of the track that goes under Admiralty Arch looks unrealistic. The historical building forms a highly dangerous single lane section and will cause many accidents around the protected building. It is questionable if another street circuit is desired, with four on the calendar and New Jersey scheduled for 2013 (although the London GP looks more interesting than Vettel driving the New Jersey circuit on Youtube). Finally, wet races in London would more common than in any of other current street circuits, making for interesting races but possibly ones with very few cars finishing.

Despite all these difficulties, it may go ahead because it is estimated to make a profit of between £300 million and £100 million whereas may race courses today have huge financial difficulties.

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Thursday, 2 August 2012, by

Ferrari Seeks New Driver

Ferrari have strongly hinted that they intend to replace Massa for 2013 and many drivers are being considered for his seat. Massa has under-performed since his 2009 accident in Hungary. He is currently 14th in the championship, 139 points down on Alonso. Although Sky Sports report he is not thinking about contracts, Massa being replaced is both likely and sensible.

Ferrari are believed to give Alonso a veto over team mates, ruling out Vettel or Hamilton. Team Principle Stefano Domenicali has stated that Ferrari is only on the market for a number two driver, reports One Stop Strategy. Webber and Button were in talks with Ferrari whilst Raikkonen is rumored, so Ferrari have a loose definition of number two. More realistically, the likely contenders are Hulkenberg, di Resta, Kovalainen, Kobayashi and Perez, reports One Stop Strategy.

The president of Ferrari has stated Perez is too inexperienced, which would also rule out Hulkenberg and di Resta. Kovalainen seems the most likely option, having started F1 two years before Kobayashi. A one year contract would be likely, allowing Ferrari another year to assess Perez, Hulkenberg, di Resta or even a recovered Kubica for a long term contract.

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Thursday, 2 August 2012, by

Double DRS Banned For 2013

Button The 'double DRS' will be banned next season, reports One Stop Strategy. Currently only on the Mercedes, the system takes air passing over the rear of the car and channels it to the front of the car. The air pushes the front wing down, increasing down force and boosting performance (see for diagram).

I think the FIA are mistaken to ban this system. It currently gives Mercedes a much needed boost. Experimenting with systems like this can substantially increase the pace of a weaker team, making for more interesting races. The FIA banning innovative systems after one season discourages weaker teams from trying unknown techniques to gain an edge.

Despite this ban McLaren are considering bringing double DRS to their cars for the latter part of 2012, reports Sky Sports. Also, Lotus have been experimenting with the system and plan to introduce it at Belgium, reports Planet F1.

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