We compare the leading bookies to bring you the best F1 betting offers. Full details on free bets, how to use sign up offers and all the specials for each F1 Grand Prix Race.

F1 Betting Offers


Paddy Power

Paddy's a generous man


Paddy Power offers a very attractive introductory deal for anyone willing to regularly place large amounts of money (£50+) on a single bet. Place down a bet and they will give you another free bet of the same value, up to £50. Place another 4 bets down and you'll receive another free bet equal to the average amount you bet across those 4 bets, up to £50. After this, you get a free bet every time you make 5 bets, the value of the free betting being average of those 5 bets and no greater than £50. The process is continues until you have had 5 free bets. If you are willing to put £50 on each bet you'll eventually have had £250 in free bets. These free bets expire after 30 days.

Paddy Power covers all the main F1 bets, the championships, race win, poll, podium, top 6 and top 10. Bets like if there will be safety car or how many cars will finish are covered by Paddy Power. The website also covers many different sports than F1.


Bet 365

Matching you for £200

Bet365 has an excellent introductory deal if you plan to bet heavily. However much you originally deposit Bet365 will match, up until £200. However, before you can withdraw your free bet earnings you must rollover your deposit and its matched total 3 times. This basically means that you must have bet £1200 to claim your the winnings from your free £200. If you originally deposit less then you need to bet far less to claim your winnings from the free bet. For example, if you deposit £50 originally you only must bet £300 to claim the earnings from your £50 free bet. This rollover requirement must be met within 90 days and is available to customers from the UK or Ireland.

The website covers all the main F1 bets and many other sports. The odds can be displayed as decimal, fractional or American at the click of a button. The Website is especially good for the iPhone since no apps are required.


Literally, a free bet!

Unlike most most 'free bets', Sky Bet offers a genuine rarity, a free bet that requires no deposit. Although only £5 this alone is worth the short sign up process. Deposit £5 and you'll then get an additional £5 free bet deposited.

SkyBet offers much more than all the main F1 bets. Alongside a full range of sports, the website has links to Sky Poker, which does internet poker and the online casino called Sky Vegas. The website can display fractional or decimal odds and includes an online betting calculator. SkyBet has many other unique advantages, including occasional free bets and Sky TV discounts as part of loyalty offers.


Blue Square

£25 matched bet with no strings attached

Blue Square offer a very simple deal, bet £25 and they match it with deposit of £25. You can withdraw the winnings straight away so no further betting is required.

They cover all the main F1 bets and many other sport. They also have online games and slot machines. Website can display odds as fractional, decimal or American and has a bet calculator.


The best odds and a £25 no risk bet

Betfair offer a risk free first bet. If your bet loses then Betfair will refund the loss of your first bet up to £25, depositing however much you lost into your account.

Betfair covers more F1 bets than most other bookies with all the main bets and many more unique ones like betting on quickest in the practise sessions. They cover many other sports and have poker, casino and slot machines.

The main appeal of Betfair is that they have a betting exchange alongside standard betting. Users can place whatever odds they wish in the betting exchange and other users choose if to match those odds. Alongside betting on a driver to win, users can bet against drivers by making a lay bet. A successful lay bet pays off when someone else makes a bet which is unsuccessful. However much you put down on the lay bet you make in profit. However, if their bet is successful then you get however much laid down back but you then lose however much you bet multiplied by the lay odds. For example, imagine Hamilton had 2.5 (in decimal) to win and you laid £10 against him. You make £10 if he does not win but lose £15 if he does win.

The Betfair betting exchange quite often has the best odds available of than other websites. However, Betfair take 5% of profit from a market though this can be reduced through regular betting. Also, how much you can bet on the betting exchange is limited by how much